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10-17s Drive a Bentley

Would you let a teenager behind the wheel of your prized Bentley for their first drive? No probably not. But this driver training company does and at several venues nationwide too! Clearly they have every confidence in their instructors who will be leading these junior Bentley drive lessons€¦ A Bentley is the epitome of luxury motoring. It’s all about road presence comfort and power and the Bentley Flying Spur that the kids will be driving has all of this. In bucketloads. Under the bonnet of this full-size four-door deluxe saloon is a powerful 6.0l twin turbo engine capable of 0-60 in under five seconds (quite something given the size and weight of this car!) and giving 560bhp.Youngsters will definitely be impressed when they open the huge door and slide into that pristine cream leather seat. Then there’s the chrome trimmings shining away and the classic walnut dashboard and inserts. This car just lives and breathes class.It’s true they’re not the most practical of cars (or the cheapest to run) which might explain why when we do see them on the roads they are probably taking blushing brides to their wedding or cruising with the college kids going to their end of year prom. But of course on this experience teens won’t be passengers lounging around in the (very) spacious rear seats. Nope it’s the parents in the back (enjoying the reclining massage seats!) and the kids who up front in the driver seat taking the dual-controlled Flying Spur for a spin with an ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) at their side. As for where the youngsters will be taking €˜their’ Bentley it’s all rather realistic. They will be negotiating a proper public-road style set up with junctions roundabouts and all the other things you have to deal with when driving. Except it’s all at a private centre so it’s all legal and safe!The instructors on these Bentley first drive sessions tell us that allowing youngsters to drive such a large car is a very worthwhile experience as it teaches them how bigger heavier cars handle in a safe and protected environment. We think teens today are very lucky to have the chance to drive a car like the Flying Spur!

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