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1:1 Off Road Driving in Bedfordshire

Get a little bit of lakeside loveliness in your life when you drive a 4×4 near Bedford – in the day or night-time! It’s destination Wyboston Lakes for these fab off roading sessions in Bedfordshire that give you the chance to power round the purpose-built track in a 4×4 vehicle during daylight hours or under the cover of darkness for an extra thrill.We think this venue is fab. Easy to get to off the A1 just north of Bedford it’s a proper play park for big boys and girls with great on-site facilities. Everything you need to have fun is here with lakes offering madcap water-based activities alongside some rather nice on-shore shenanigans thanks to the off road track.Tucked away behind trees you’re right next to the water for these 4×4 sessions in Bedfordshire. If it’s rained recently there’s a good chance you’ll be getting mud up to the door handles as you splash-splash your way around. And if you go for the night time experience you’ll be tackling the course with just the car’s headlights and spotlights to guide you.All experiences here in Bedford are specifically offered as solo drives meaning that there’s no waiting your turn and no swapping drivers midway through. The slot you book is all yours though so you can invite a couple of friends or family to join you for the duration if you like – but don’t be surprised if your passengers turn into back-seat drivers.Indeed as you tackle increasingly difficult terrain there’s bound to be some expressions of utter fear from the rear. €˜Surely this car can’t get up that hill?’ €˜Aren’t we going to tip over in a minute?’ and €˜Isn’t the suspension going to collapse with all the axle-twisting going on?’ are the sort of thing you might hear. But fear not 4×4 drivers in the wilds of Wyboston these modified 4x4s are designed to conquer pretty much anything you can throw at them in the realm of off roading even if your stomach isn’t so keen. Of course your expert instructors will be at your side throughout your session in the 4x4s at Bedford’s Wyboston Lakes. So they’ll be able to assist with your gear selection and clutch control as well as motivating you to go for that steep drop and then round the corner to steer right over that see-saw. All in an off roading day’s (or night’s) work. Enjoy the drive.

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