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1968 Corvette Drive

We can’t guarantee it’s going to be a little red one but drive a Corvette at your choice of professional race tracks and you too could be singing €˜Baby you’re much too fast yes you are’ just like Prince with his Little Red Corvette!The Corvette was Chevrolet’s answer to the plethora of European GT cars being produced by the likes of Jag and Aston. The first Corvette was produced as a one-off concept car for the New York Auto Show in 1953. Interest in the car (which was a convertible) led General Motors to go ahead into full production which began later the same year.Initially they sold pretty slowly but the ‘Vette as it is still affectionately known has certainly captured the hearts of American motorists. For your Corvette experience it’s back to the old school as you’ll be driving a genuine 1968 Corvette. She’s one of the earliest C3 (that’s third generation) ‘Vettes that came after the iconic ‘Sting Ray’ monikered Second Generation. With such a tough act to follow this car had to be special. And sure enough it was. The all-new body styling heralded the start of what many believe was the most stylish era for the Corvette with those large fenders and sleek fishlike curves. It has that incredible low-sweeping bonnet that quite frankly makes you look uber cool in that futuristic yet retro kind of way. We think you’ll love driving this beauty.And the Corvette you’ll be driving doesn’t just look pretty hip  it goes pretty fast too. With a hulk of a V8 engine and a heft 460bhp going on this American dream car is certainly ready to rock. As for the handling well this is a very big car and compared to today’s motors you might find this is quite a bouncy ride but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?So step back into the 1960s and get your hands on this fabulous leading light from the Chevrolet stable. Indeed the chance to drive a Corvette that’s in as pristine condition now as the day it left the showroom in 1968 is a real privilege and one any motoring fan will cherish. Time to hit the gas as our cousins across the pond would say  in your €˜Vette.

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