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1969 Camaro SS Driving Experience

Say a big hearty €˜howdy’ to the Camaro SS. This is the car Chevrolet finally came up with to compete against Ford’s massively successful Mustang. We’re giving you then chance to drive a genuine 1969 Chevvy Camaro in all its SS (that’s Super Sport) finery. And we reckon you’ll love it.Built on Pepsi Cola and hot dogs (or something like that) this quintessential muscle car from the other side of the Atlantic is certainly eye-catching. First Generation Camaros were built from 1967 to 1969 and the model you’ll be driving was built in 1969. It’s got all the markings of the sportiest version of the Camaro complete with stripes SS badges on the front grille and chassis upgrade to handle all that extra power from the SS V8 engine. Oh and you can’t miss those rather large air-inlets on the hood!When it first appeared on the US car market it was like nothing else out there at the time. It has a distinctly curvy almost European style that really appealed to American drivers. The Camaro also boasted luxuries that were unheard of in similar category cars such as full carpeting and supple vinyl seats. It also came with a range of engine options making it everything from the ideal family car to the teenage street racer of choice in SS form.And it’s an SS you’ll be driving on these Camaro experiences. Despite the weight the 580bhp 8l V8 engine certainly gets this car to shift. It might not be the best around the corners but for straight-line speed it’s a real blast to drive. At the time the adverts called this Camaro SS €˜The Hugger’ – some say it was referring to the car’s handling as it was capable of the hugging the road. Others say it was simply because it was a very €˜huggable’ looking car.Either way the Camaro is great fun to drive. It’s also pretty sought after these days especially in the UK where big muscle cars like these are often seen as an acquired taste. We say nothing beats winding the window of your Camaro SS down leaning your elbow out and feeling the wind in your hair as you power that Super Sport V8 Camaro up.

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