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2D Cinema Tickets for Two Adults with Drinks and Popcorn

Move your next movie night away from pyjamas, half a bottle of leftover wine and whatever’s lying around in the fridge with this 2D Cinema Tickets for Two Adults with Two Large Drinks and One Large Popcorn package, and treat yourselves to something epic on the big screen with perfect refreshment sitting nearby in a cupholder. There’s always something exciting on, whether it’s the latest action-packed blockbuster or a potential Academy Award winner, so all you need to do is pick your time to check out a film that you’re both going to love. With two adult tickets you’ll be able to choose any standard film that takes your fancy, from the films for kids and big kids alike to something action-packed, steamy or whatever your film preference might be. Picking up a couple of large drinks and a bucket of popcorn before the lights go down means you’ll be well hydrated and snacked for the duration of your chosen flick.

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