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4×4 and Rally Challenge Silverstone

It’s rallying and offroading combined on this driving challenge in Silverstone! Taking place at this renowned rally school you have the best of both worlds here with a session on the 4×4 circuit and sessions on the rally stage too. A brilliant combination for motorsport fans! First up the off roading. This is one of the best circuits we’ve seen in a while. This Silverstone course has been well laid out to offer all levels of driver a real challenge. There are some fab features too like the see-saw and tricky troughs to negotiate.You’ll be tackling all this bumpy stuff in a Suzuki Vitara. Modified to cope with the extremeness of the course you’ll be amazed at what you can get this modest 4×4 to do. And don’t forget to look at the tilt measurement on the dashboard – it’s pretty full-on when you see the angles you’re driving at.Next it’s over to the rally school paddock. Here you’ll find a fine fleet of proper rally cars. There’s the front wheel drive Ford Escort MkII (a classic!) the modified rear wheel drive Imprezas (madness!) and the all wheel drive Scoobie too (awesome!). These cars are all rallying stalwarts and you’ll love them all.On your adrenaline rally session it’s all about learning the classic rally moves. Over a trio of drives you’ll master handbrake turns on the hairpins (with a blast on the fast straights too) and slides on the 200m sweeping bend. You also get the chance to try out your doughnut skills on the pan – or even your figure of eights if you’re up for it!The off road sessions are all on a one-to-one basis and for the rallying you’ll be in small groups taking it in turns behind the wheel for each session. Expert instructors will be by your side for all drives to encourage and guide you.We think this driving challenge in Silverstone is pretty ace. You get to drive proper rally and off roading cars on serious circuits that push you (and the cars!) to the limit. Book your combined session today and have maximum fun in the rally and 4×4 cars with the grit and dirt flying!

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