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4×4 BORDA Training

If you’re looking for proper 4×4 driver training this BORDA accredited centre is the place to go! BORDA is the British Off Road Driving Association and these 4×4 training experiences follow their ‘Standard’ Level course itinerary to get you a certificated pass at the end of it all.Set in the North Nottinghamshire countryside this BORDA training centre is well-placed to offer official off road tuition. The site is pretty impressive with over 40 acres of terrain much of which has been made into purpose-built courses and trails dedicated to off road vehicles. Routes have been designed to offer everything from typical mild-level terrain that you find in the UK to more extreme elements to show off what the vehicles can do.The aim of this course is to get you proficient and knowledgeable in how 4x4s work and how you drive them in certain settings that involve mud grass snow and ice. Nothing too steep or extreme to begin with as these sessions are all about getting you to really understand why and how the car reacts and as the driver what you should do.It’s fascinating stuff. With highly-experienced BORDA certified drivers hosting you’ll learn how 4×4 systems work (there are several different ones with permanent and semi-permanent four wheel drive for example) and how to prepare the vehicle for going off road. It’s not simply a case of jumping in ignition on and away you go. You need to be prepared no matter how €˜gnarly’ your vehicle is!Throughout your half day you’ll cover units one to seven of the BORDA ‘Standard’ Level Course. The syllabus also includes the Safety Awareness Course which is essential for anyone planning to go offroading recreationally or in the line of work. If it all goes well you’ll leave with your BORDA certificate.For this 4×4 driver training the operator recommends using your own vehicle. That’s because this is the car you’ll be most familiar with. Of course it does need to be a suitable 4×4. You also have the option of using one of the training school cars which are usually Land Rover Discoverys.

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