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4×4 Crazy Car Driving

Whoa this is one crazy 4×4 vehicle! It might look like your standard Land Rover but as soon as you take the wheel and try to drive you’ll discover it’s all back to front! Take on the challenge of driving this reverse steer 4×4 and see if you can tame this naughty little off roader. Just when you’ve got used to this highly disobedient 4×4 when it insists on heading left when you steer right and then veering right when you turn the wheel to the left you have the extra disadvantage of being blindfolded for the obstacle challenge just to make it that little bit harder. That means you’ll be relying entirely on your 4×4 partner in crime on this coned course of craziness to give you directions. Not only can you not see anything thanks to be being blindfolded you will still have to remember that as you steer the car drives in the opposite direction. In essence it’s totally disorientating and by the end of it you won’t know where you are which is left or right where you’ve been or even where you’re going! And if you’re wondering about the location for this reverse steering madness it’s a lovely country estate on the western edge of Milton Keynes so it’s easy to get to but gives you that €˜out in the sticks’ feel. It’s actually a working farm and business estate which means there’s loads of room to have fun in your 4×4 which is perhaps just as well when you’re trying your hand at a spot of blindfold driving in a reverse steering Landy without the your eyes on the road ahead. As you’ve probably guessed the aim of the game with this crazy 4×4 drive is to give you an off road session with a difference. It’s one that offers a fun twist on the unusual Land Rover experiences that is both brilliantly frustrating and fun at the same time. It’ll take some serious teamwork to succeed at this challenge so bring your best blindfold driving buddy and see if you can conquer the craziest Land Rover quest out there!

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