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60 Minute Helicopter Lesson

Fly a helicopter for 60 minutes and you’ll find out that these sensation aerial experiences are a great way to discover the pleasure of flight as you’ve got the time to really get to grips with how these things actually fly and stay in the air – technically speaking you’ll be exploring the foundation flying manoeuvres such as hovering lifting off and eventually level flight all in a proper training helicopter. Before climbing in the cockpit for your first foray into flying a helicopter there’s the all important air safety briefing. Listen carefully as once airborne after the take off it’s over to you to actually fly the two seater helicopter. Adjust the trim and control the rotor blades to gain altitude and there you go you’re flying! Isn’t it an amazing feeling?! Helicopters are capable of cruising speeds as they fly that approach around 100mph can go backwards and even hover on the spot too making them one of the most exciting and thrilling ways to see the world below you from the air. No wonder humans have always wanted to fly. Helicopters are we reckon the most agile form of flight too and a total ‘must do’ for anyone who’s keen on aviation and even those who want to make their first steps towards formally starting helicopter flight training. We offer five hour ‘ Learn to fly a helicopter ‘ Training Packs that can get them flying as well as a choice of alternative helicopter lessons on our main helicopter page. With the instructor by your side at all times as you fly in these dual-controlled helicopters you learn lots during these trial lessons; from how to coordinate pitch and power using throttle and power changes to execute smooth banked turns and taking off vertically. We think the skills needed to fly a helicopter is a bit like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time – it’s all a question of control coordination and concentration. If these one hour fly a helicopter sessions are not for you we also offer half hour helicopter rides for those a little less brave and who just want a taster of the sensation!

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