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737 Boeing Simulator Newcastle

If you’ve always fancied being the captain rather than a passenger on a jetliner we can highly recommend these Boeing simulator flights in Newcastle! Get ready to apply full-thrust you’re going to be virtually taking off in a 737NG on this aerial extravaganza. This high-tech and very authentic simulator is based on a Boeing 737 Next Generation short to medium range narrow-bodied twin jet liner. To put it in layman’s terms this is the sort of aeroplane many of us fly on when we go to Europe or on domestic routes so whilst you’re probably very familiar with what it’s like in the main cabin entering the flight deck is a whole different world. For a start we always think the captain’s ‘office’ is somewhat smaller than you’d imagine. Two armchair seats (inevitably with sheepskin covers on!) dominate the space and as your stare in a somewhat mesmerised state at all the dials controls and displays in front of you you’ll begin to wonder if you need a degree in aeronautical science just to get the plane off the ground€¦ However with a very experienced pilot by your side you will soon find yourself in that left-hand driving seat and ready for take off. As you trundle along the taxi way in your hefty metal tube you’ll have your flight path plotted and your co-ordinates entered into the onboard computer ready to cruise the sky. As for where you go on your simulator flights it’s entirely up to you – stay local and depart Newcastle International Airport for a few circuits checking out the likes of the Tyne Whitley Bay and Northumberland National Park as you go or tackle some of the trickiest airports in the world such as Innsbruck in Austria for close-call mountains or Heathrow for sheer volume of air traffic. Whichever itinerary you choose you’re sure to have a blast with you at the helm of this very realistic simulator here in Newcastle. And when you think over 1250 Boeing 737s are flying at any given time in the world these really are the workhorses of the skies flying for over 2400 airlines to over 1200 destinations in more than 190 countries. Time to switch on the seatbelt signs and prepare the doors for take off in your Boeing simulator!

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