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737 Flight Simulator London

This flight simulator in London is the real deal. Of course you won’t actually be leaving the confines of central London but you will be taking control of a flight deck of a Boeing 737-80 airliner. It’s a Boeing officially licensed product and certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority – and that’s why real pilots fly and train on this impressive simulator.And your instructor hosts are real pilots too. They’re all suited and booted and waiting to take up the First Officer role leaving you the left hand Captain’s seat. As you get settled in it all starts to feel very convincing indeed. The overhead panels and controls are fully operational and the HD screens offer a 180-degree wraparound view. This London sim makes all the right noises too with the acceleration of the engines the lowering of the flaps warning messages and alarms.The array of screens levers and computerised gauges everywhere might be mind boggling at first but soon you’ll be getting into it as you switch on the no smoking signs (we love that bit!) flick on the strobe beacon wing and nav switches and wait for your simulated flying mission to unfold.Where your flight path takes you depends on the duration of your London simulator experience. You could be doing circuits to practice your take offs and landings flying full sectors so you can go through the real-life airline procedures in real-time or even switching it all up a bit with some nasty weather fronts to get you even further to the edge of that captain’s seat.There are in fact an encyclopaedic 24 000 airports from around the world to choose from. And many of them will have seen a Boeing 737-800 landing there. Let’s see if you can simulate some of the busiest the trickiest or the prettiest routes these 60-tonne metal cans fly day in day out to land smoothly with your nose-wheel on that centre line of the runway. The 60-minute voucher is by far the most popular flight simulator session in London and gives you a very realistic insight into what life is like at the €˜sharp end’ of a commercial jet liner as you’re totally in command inside this full-size cockpit replica. For an extra little splurge why not go for the Fly & Dine so two of you can take to the virtual skies and celebrate with dinner at a local brasserie afterwards? Very civilised!

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