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737 Flight Simulator

Take to the skies in a 737 anywhere in the world from your seat in this flight simulator . These professional set-ups offer top level simulated flight training for us mere enthusiasts as well as real pilots wanting to expand their experience of flying in different scenarios (think fog over Beijing that short runway over the sea in Gibraltar or a hail storm over Manhattan at night). The standard of equipment on these simulators is second to none with many some offering full motion too. We have to say nothing here is just for show as everything in this glass cockpit Boeing 737 simulator works; from the in flight oxygen and pressurisation controls to the autopilot and Flight Management Computer (CDU). Even the throttle is motorised and there are moving trim wheels too. And yes you get to switch on the seatbelt signs with that satisfying ‘bong’ noise! At first those on the sim courses will be completely mesmerised by the gauges dials buttons levers and digital displays that are everywhere in the cockpit and you might be thinking ‘I’ll never get this thing off the ground!’ but you will thanks to your patient pilot trainer who will be orchestrating your simulated flight from the first officer’s seat but where will you be going? Well that’s the great thing about these experiences as fans of flight sims get to pick their flight path. What you do and where you fly in this great hulk of a 737 airliner is entirely up to you. You can either do a full sector (ie a flight from A to B) or multiple aerial scenarios to maximise on the take offs and landings (which is what most simulator flyers prefer). There is even room for a guest in the fold down extra seat that’s located in the rear section of the cockpit. This is known as the’ jump seat’ in the commercial airline trade so you can invite someone to ‘come fly with me’ on your simulated flight to see just how well you handle those controls on that 737. Great fun and a real test of your flying capabilities as you play the role of Boeing Captain!  

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