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737 Simulator Doncaster

It’s destination Doncaster for this fabulous flight deck simulator experience! This flight sim might be ground-based in South Yorkshire but you will be jetting off on a very realistic flight at the controls of a Boeing passenger airliner. No smoking signs on seat belt signs on and get ready for your push back! The small and friendly team who run this Doncaster-based sim is made up of fully qualified pilots – who actually do this for real as a living so they certainly know a thing or two when it comes to getting these 70-ton passenger planes off the ground. What’s more they can’t wait to welcome you on the flight deck of their simulator so you can have a go for yourself. The first thing you’ll notice is just how realistic this jet simulator’s flight deck is. That’s because this expensive piece of kit in South Yorkshire is no toy it’s an exact and to scale replica of an actual Boeing 737-800 cockpit. It’s also pretty busy in there with the pilot and first officer sitting side by side with a set of controls in front of each seat and totally surrounded by gauges knobs buttons dials and levers. Although this flight sim is fixed base the wraparound graphics are so good they certainly give you the impression of movement and as soon as you’re in the hot seat looking around at the other aircraft on stand as you prepare for take off you’ll forget you’re in Doncaster and it’s the glamorous world of airports and international aviation at 110%! As for what you do on your flight sim session the pre-flight briefing with your pilot instructor will give you time to talk about what you’d like to do with your slot. Perhaps you’d like to go through a full start up procedure to see exactly what’s involved or maybe you want to concentrate on lining up take offs and landings? Or how about adding something like a foggy morning into the mix or even seeing what happens when you shut down one of the engines? It’s all possible here in Donny! On the longer flight durations you might be able to fly a full sector in the sim such as heading off from a sunny EGCC and heading to EIDW (that’s Leeds Bradford to Dublin in non-aviator speak!) on an early morning business flight. Again there are lots of options and airports to visit so a chat with your friendly co-pilot before heading to the flightdeck simulator means you’ll be jetting off on the perfect flight itinerary for you.

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