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737 Simulator Ellesmere Port

Will you be Captain of a Boeing or an Airbus when you board the flight simulator near Liverpool? It’s time to learn what life is like as a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 pilot. Time to get the Aviator shades on – you’re in the hot seat!Your journey to Ellesmere Port where these simulators are based will be an easy one from Liverpool Manchester Chester and beyond as it’s just a short drive from the M53. On arrival you’ll head straight to the check-in desk. But this time it’s not you checking in as a passenger you’re the captain!Walk up the ramp and turn left and for Airbus A320 turn right and you’re in the Boeing 737. Which one you choose is up to you and can be discussed at the time of booking in your flight sim day with the Ellesmere team.The first thing that’ll strike you is how utterly realistic the interior is. That’s because it is a genuine aircraft cabin with the little oval windows and the working overhead lockers. There are even two rows of authentic airline seats all of which have those little headrest covers (actually called antimacassars fact fans!) making sure every fine detail of a modern commercial airliner interior is accurate. You’ll also find there’s a screen relaying images from the cockpit. That means friends and families can board your plane and watch.Head through the cockpit door and into the flight deck. If you book the standard flight sim experience near Liverpool you will do a circuit at a local airport. That means you’ll take off practice some basic manoeuvres in the air and then do the tricky bit – landing safely back at the airport. This is the best value choice for those who fancy dipping their toe in the world of big jet aviation.Those who want more of an insight into piloting these huge passenger planes will love the Airline Pilot Day. You’ll get to do some of the other tasks associated with flying including checking NOTAMs weather and flight paths before setting up the cockpit just as the pilot would before each and every flight. You’ll follow the full procedure and fly in the A320 or Boeing 737 for 70 minutes.On the Ultimate Pilot Experience you do all the pilot tasks and spend 40 minutes €˜in the air’ training before going for the big one – flying a full sector in real time. That’s to say just a like a pilot turning up for their shift you’ll set everything up following current airline SOPs (standard operating procedures) as your passengers €˜load’ for the short hop from Manchester to say Belfast or Dublin. Then it’s start up taxi take off depart cruise descent land and shut down all done in real time.On these flight simulators near Liverpool it’s about as authentic as it gets. The visuals are amazing and will have you totally convinced you really are on stand at Manchester Ringway or Liverpool John Lennon airport. Happy flying!

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