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737 Simulator Glasgow

Get as close as you can to flying the real thing on this 737 simulator in Glasgow! Based at a renowned flight training school and flying club at Glasgow International Airport in Paisley this fixed base simulator offers all would-be commercial pilots the chance to head up the flight crew of a Boeing 737.Of course you know it’s not the real thing but it’s still pretty realistic. And we have to say way cheaper than an actual 737. This sim is based on the Boeing 737-800 €˜Next Generation’ series of commercial jets. To charter an actual one for just an hour would cost you around £8 500. To buy one for yourself would be in excess of $96 million – and then you’d need a licence to fly it. You’re much better off with this simulated version.In the real world a 737-800 would have fully equipped galleys seating up to 189 passengers and all the modern avionics systems to make flying these big tin cans in the sky a dream. What you’ll soon find out as a novice is that it’s not as easy as it might seem. And indeed if you’ve ever played on flight sims on your gaming device or computer be prepared to hit the ground with a bump here in Glasgow as you realise you didn’t know as much about flying commercial airliners as you thought!If you’re really into your flying we can highly recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of flying time. We say that because with this duration you get to go through the full flying routine in real time as it were. You start off on stand at the departure gate initiating the engine start up procedure. Then you taxi and take off undertaking your IFR flight plan. Then overseeing your approach your finals and your landing to finish with a taxi back to the terminal for engine shut down.Supposing all that sounds utterly mind-boggling you can always opt for the 30 minute taster or the 45 minute session which give you all the main sim €˜highlights’. And if you want to really get stuck in and be captain of an extended flight go for the full 90 minute 737 simulator session in Glasgow – you’ll be amazed how far you can fly in that time!

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