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737 Simulator Gloucestershire Airport

When you fly SimAir there’s one big difference – you’re the captain! This hugely realistic flight simulator at Gloucestershire Airport is ready and waiting to welcome you onto the flight deck for you to take charge of a Boeing 737-800 simulator.This fixed-base simulator is an exact copy of a B737-800. Over 5000 of this series of Boeing jet airliner have been produced so far and it’s used by short and medium-haul airlines all over the world. In fact the chances are you’ve flown on one of these at some point. It’s the most popular plane in RyanAir’s fleet for example.And although the simulator is physically based at Gloucestershire Airport you can choose where you’d like to depart from. A chat with your sim instructors who know the flight system inside out can help advise you on your choice. Some people like to fly into airports they’ve already been to (your favourite holiday destination is always popular) others want to test their mettle at an airport with a tricky approach. You can even control the weather to add in an extra factor to your flight!The sim boasts 120 degree graphics that are utterly convincing You’ll feel like you are really at the airport waiting at the end of the runway to take off in your very own Boeing 737-800. It makes all the right noises too. It’s a totally immersive experience and one that you can share as you can invite someone to join you in the cockpit in the €˜jump seat’.We are offering a full range of sim sessions to suit all tastes and budgets. The most popular duration is 60 minutes which allows you enough time to try take offs and landings from several airports. If you fancy really getting a feel of what the job of Boeing driver is like day to day on the two hour sim session there’s enough time to fly a full sector. That’s to say you fly a complete route such as London Gatwick to Schiphol in Amsterdam in real time.Whichever flight duration you choose for your flight simulator session at Gloucestershire Airport it’s going to be a great challenge. Nothing beats the feeling of being captain of your own Boeing 737 as you guide the aircraft through the airways. And if it was real there could be up to 189 passengers sitting behind you!

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