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737 Simulator Peterborough

Book your slot on the flight simulator in Peterborough and get virtually airborne in a Boeing 737-800W! With 15 30 and 60 minute experiences available we think anyone who fancies being a Boeing pilot will love these sessions.This jet sim school is located a few miles south west of Peterborough. The sim is fixed-base and is a replica of a the modern Boeing 737 airliner. The flight deck is very realistic and the array of screens displays buttons and levers is mind-boggling and shows just how much aviation has advanced since the days of dials and toggles.Indeed this sim will teach you how to make the most of the 737-800’s automatic flight features and offers a very accurate insight into what it is like to be at the helm of one of those great hulks of metal. All 75 tonnes of it. But before you can get down to the serious of business of sim flying a sector there’s the small matter of taking off to deal with.As you climb into the cockpit the engines on the Boeing will already be fired up and turning with the plane positioned ready on the runway. That means you can get straight down to the business of getting airborne and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with the assistance of your co-pilot here in Peterborough.A Taster session is the perfect choice for those who want short but very sweet flavour of life as a pilot. During your 15mins of airborne time you’ll be at the controls enabling you to fly straight in at the deep end and tackle something exciting like the skyscrapers of Hong Kong as you fly right past high-rise apartment windows!Once those on the 30 mins session have reached around 10 000ft (that’s pretty much two miles high in case you were wondering!) you can start to initiate circuits. With each pass your instructor sitting beside you will give you more controls to master and manipulate. As your flight duration comes to an end it’s time to get vectored in for your final approach to land – that’s to say when air traffic control gives you your traffic pattern and tells you your route.If you enrol on any of the extended flight simulator courses at this Peterborough jet sim school you’ll have loads of flying time. That means you can fly trying a full sector in real time practice the most hair-raising landing ever on the IGS 13 approach at Kai Tak airport or even throw in some curveballs to test your captaincy skills such as bad weather or try flying to minimums.The great thing about this flight sim in Peterborough is that it is suitable for all whether you’re a home flight sim enthusiast a private pilot’s licence holder or even a qualified airline first officer!

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