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A Day with a Perfumer

Get your own touch of scented glamour when you make your own perfume in London – the centre of fashion and beauty! Play around with 21 different sumptuous smells to create an individualised fragrance and learn about the art of perfume making from an expert London perfumer. Your scent-sational day is based in the Hilton Hotel Kensington offering elegant surroundings in which to begin your olfactory exploration culminating in making your own perfume that’s good enough to wow the London elite. Perfume making has been a popular form of expressing individuality and sensuality since Egyptian times with exclusive recipes and combinations being closely guarded. Having a personalised scent has always been reserved for the nobility and the very rich €“ but now here’s a way for you to make and have your own perfume without breaking the bank in the heart of London. Throughout the experience you’ll have an London-based perfumery expert on hand to help you when it comes to making your own perfume. In the morning you’ll learn about the history of fragrance as well as the key associations with each of the 21 major scents. Different smells are linked to emotions sensations and memories so it’s always a revealing experience to select your scents. A master perfumer can easily identify the different €˜notes’ of a perfume by nose but you’ll begin your afternoon lesson by sampling each fragrance individually before going on to blend your own combination of base middle and top notes. After all this wonderful alchemy you will have made your own individual perfume completely to your tastes. At the end of your London perfume making session you’ll be able to take home a 20ml sample of your scent in a beautiful purse spray atomiser. The experience also includes a full three course lunch at the venue to keep your energy levels high and your sense of smell in top form. This hands-on perfume making fragrance-fest is a great way to spend an afternoon with a group of girlfriends or to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary. You’ll also have a practical delectable and fun memento of your day which is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you smell your new creation. So why not pit yourself against Chanel Dior and Mugler to make your own perfume and take London by storm?

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