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Adrenaline Rally Northamptonshire

Rev the engines and get ready for your adrenaline rally in Northamptonshire! The idea of this course is that you get down to the nitty-gritty of rallying by learning each individual technique in a series of mini workshops taking it in turns as part of a group. Each of your three driving sessions takes place in a different area of the rally school. Each one has been created to provide the perfect set up for learning the particular skills you’ll be concentrating on. In the paddock you’ve got plenty of room to fling the car around and practice those handbrakes turns. It might look easy but it actually takes a fair amount of co-ordination between what your hands and feet are doing. Over in the power slide area you’ll be learning how to grapple with oversteer on a beautifully-formed corner. It’s a 200m arc with the ideal angles for getting your car to slide gracefully around. No doubt you’ll have a couple of missed attempts where you over or even under cook it but hopefully by the end of your turn you’ll have nailed it!The skid pan is where you learn your figure of eights and doughnuts. These crowd-pleaser moves get the adrenaline going as you throw your rally car around this Northamptonshire pan. Again it’s tricky to smoothly execute the moves but you’ll be getting in-car training from some of the best (and most patient) instructors out there.As for the car you’ll be learning these rally moves in you can’t get much more seminal than the Subaru Impreza. They are the real workhorses of this rally school. They don’t mind how many stalls or spins out you have these iconic cars just keep on going. Sure they’re not the latest generation of rally car but they are certainly one of the best to drive even years after their WRC heyday. If you like your old school Subaru rallying you’ll love the adrenaline rally in Northamptonshire!

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