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Adventure Helicopter Pleasure Flights

Local landmarks and breathtaking countryside – all seen from your very special ‘bird’s eye view’ on these heli sightseeing tours! What better way to tour the sights of your local area than onboard an executive heli? You often see the rich and famous jumping in and out of these top of the range helicopters when they are seeking to get to places fast and discretely. This tour experience will see you enjoying the high life (and the sights) in similar pop star/ royalty style for a wonderful flight so move over celeb it’s your turn in the cockpit of a rather lavish heli! Those who fancy being a passenger on these superb heli sightseeing tours won’t have to travel far as we have a list of helipads around the UK ready to propel you into the sky with ease. And of course all centres are licensed for carrying helicopter passengers and the pilots are all highly experienced and qualified – in fact they know the geographical area so well they will point out all those locally-known landmarks to you. This will help you get your bearings as everything looks so different from this aerial perspective. Each heli sightseeing session will give around eight minutes touring the skies. Now this may not sound very long in time but with the incredible manoeuvrability agility and speed of these aircraft you will travel an impressive 12 miles or so in that time depending on how busy the airspace is and prevailing weather conditions. As well as checking out all the sights to be seen you will be swooping in low hovering and soaring graciously through the air in your heli – giving you ample opportunities to take some fabulous photos from an altitude of between 1000 an 1500ft. And as this may well be the only time you’ll ever be lucky enough to travel in swanky helicopter spectators are invited and actively encouraged to take pictures on the apron before take off and after landing for the family photo album. Don’t forget a heli sightseeing tour can be take at a range of selected airfields around the UK but there’s no need to specify on buying the voucher which destination you want to fly from the lucky helicopter passenger receiving it gets to choose. So whether they will be checking out coastlines following winding rivers passing over country parks or stately homes we have a flight path that’s sure to please and full of things to see.

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