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Aerobatics Hampshire

Take part in some aerial antics that’ll get you defying gravity at altitude with an aerobatics lesson in Andover! This well-established school based out of Thruxton airfield is offering us novices the chance of having the thrill of pulling a few ‘g’ in the skies above Hampshire with these thrilling aerobatic adventures using the nifty and nimble Decathlon 8KCAB light aircraft. Sitting patiently on the tarmac apron the Decathlon might look like your average high-wing small aircraft but it is actually fully equipped and geared up for flying upside down looping the loop and withstanding up to +6g and -5g in forces as it manoeuvres gracefully in the skies over Andover. Perfect for aerobatics lessons this plane was originally built by American company Champion Aircraft Corporation. The design disappeared for a while before production re-started in 1990. Since then the plane has grown an excellent reputation as an aerobatics trainer for lessons for beginners and intermediates that is forgiving and fun at the same time as you are about to find out for yourself in Andover! One of the school’s expert pilots will be charged with your aerial mission to turn your world (literally) upside down. After a safety briefing on the ground you’ll head out to G-DDGJ sitting on the apron. Pre-flight checks all done permission from Andover’s air traffic control granted you’ll taxi away and take off for the first part of your lessons in just how to perform incredible aerobatics. Once airborne and level your lesson out of Andover starts proper as you’ll be shown just what aerobatic moves this little plane is capable of. If you’ve still got a clear head after all those spins you will be able to grab the controls and have a go yourself – not at any fancy aerobatic-style moves but you will have the pleasure of having the sensation of being the pilot even if it is just for a few minutes. We are offering 30 and 40 minute aerobatics lessons in Andover. We can highly recommend flying out of Thruxton as this professional flying school has been operating this licensed airport since 1967. And with a fleet of modern aircraft a team of truly dedicated pilots your foray into aerial trick flying is sure to be a memorable one. And it will involve seeing the Hampshire countryside upside down!

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