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Aerobatics Peterborough

Turn your world upside down when you perform aerobatics in Peterborough! It’s time to climb aboard the Cessna and prepare yourself for some impressive stunt flying and aerobatics. Flying out of Sibson Airport this experience is ideal for those in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire areas. It’s probably your first time flying in an aerobatic plane and it may even be your first flight in a small aircraft. If so you’re in for an amazing time at Sibson. Not only do you get to see what it’s like ‘up front’ at the business end of a plane (so much different to being a passenger on an airliner) you will also get to see what happens when you start to make the Cessna do extraordinary things that’ll send you literally into a spin up there in the skies above Peterborough. Yep we’re talking aerial stunts! The CAA describes aerobatics as ‘being able to control the aircraft whilst precisely drawing a defined manoeuvre in the sky’. That sounds like waxing lyrical to us so we’ll just say that here in Peterborough you’ll be seeing the ground spin you’ll be hanging (albeit briefly) upside down from your harness and plunging towards the ground before pulling up again! In essence this is a roller coaster ride in the air. It takes a fair amount of courage to actually get into the cockpit and strapped in but once you’ve taken off and your instructor pilot has put you at ease you’ll be up for pulling moves. And the plane to do all this? The Cessna Aerobat. A humble low-key yet very agile little aircraft the Aerobat might look like your usual high-wing light aircraft but this is the sport version meaning inverted flight is child’s play to this aeroplane. What’s more it’s dual-controlled so if you’re willing you can take over the controls and have a go at flying this lively aerobatics plane. If you’re up for aerobatics in Peterborough this experience gives you a half hour flight in the Cessna Aerobat out of Sibson Airport. Your pre-flight briefing is in addition to this flight time which is calculated from brakes on to brakes off. Get ready to watch those RPMs keep a good height and maintain a look out at all times and you’re on the way to getting aerobatic flying sorted!

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