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Aeroplane Landing Challenge Coventry

Why just fly a plane when you can land it as well? This is the thrilling aeroplane landing challenge and it takes place at Coventry Airport. With the help and assistance of a fully-qualified instructor pilot you will be landing an actual plane for real!Your experience starts on the ground with a briefing followed by time in the flight simulator. You’ll be concentrating on approaches and landings so you can get used to the procedures of coming in to land. And of course your instructor will be by your side in the sim teaching you what you need to know to be able to touch down in the aeroplane.Things then start to get very real when you walk out to the light aircraft on the apron. Once your instructor pilot has handled take off you’ll be able to fly the rectangular training circuit that takes you over and around Coventry Airport.This cruising time in the air gives you tutor plenty of time to assess whether you’ll be able to handle the landing challenge. With the OK from the pilot you will be hands on the controls setting up your nice and steady approach into Coventry Airport.Your expert pilot instructor is keeping a hand on the controls at all times so if you lose concentration or feel uneasy they will be right on it and will take over. Coming in at the right height controlling the pitch of the nose and getting yourself positioned on the centre-line of the runway it’s multitasking at its maddest when you are trying to land a plane for the very first time in your life!Our advice? Just keep calm and keep flying. Would you be able to do this if you were a passenger in a light aircraft and the pilot was incapacitated? Sure it’s the stuff of films but this aeroplane challenge brings all that adrenaline rush to life as you execute your first landing as the pilot of a small aircraft. What a way to €˜earn your stripes’!

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