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Air Rifles Leicester

For target shooting lessons with something of a military twist try a session with the air rifles in Leicestershire! Hot shots will absolutely this place. It’s a proper army camp style set up here where everyone seems to be wearing camo gear and it’s all really quite noisy and maybe a little muddy too… That’s because this Leicestershire venue offers a whole raft of madcap militia activities from tanks and shoot ’em up paint balling to this our air rifle sessions. This isn’t just a question of lining up your air rifle and trying to shoot at the target. This lesson goes the extra mile as it is an exciting battlefield bunker style set up and can actually get very competitive. By the time you’ve been issued with your bolt-action pre-charged air rifles for your lesson you will be chomping at the bit to get out there and start shooting at the targets.  You and your comrades will head to the ingenious dug out with each of you having a metal cut out position so you can poke your head out to line up your shot. Feeling like something of a sneaky sniper shooter crouched in the metal hideout it’s time to stare down the scope take aim and fire. And remember in this game every shot counts. Don’t panic if you’ve never even picked up an air rifle before let alone fired one this Leicestershire venue offers top notch teaching with lessons geared to each person’s level. Once you’re feeling comfortable and successfully firing shoots at the targets the lessons take a more competitive turn with a scoring system so you can see who amongst your band of merry snipers is the best shooter. For these taster target shooting lessons you will have 60 shots to fire off and (depending on time constraints on the day) you may well be able to purchase more ammunition if you are totally hooked by the whole air rifle thing and just want to keep shooting up the Leicestershire skies. So what are you waiting for it’s quick march to the bunker and get ready to take your first shot.

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