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Airstream Glamping

Travel back in time and enjoy a vintage Airstream glamping holiday! This fleet of original classic American Airstreams is ready to welcome you on the most relaxing and impossibly romantic getaway you could dream of in a hidden corner of the Isle of Wight. We’ve all seen Airstreams in the movies. They’re the American trailers with those bright aluminium panels riveted together to create that distinctive curved form that glistens in the sunshine. Back in the 40s 50s and 60s pitching up your Airstream was the way to spend time away from home be it surfing in some cool secluded bay or just relaxing in the countryside away from urban life. To this day vintage Airstreams are still very much sought after and have an incredible cult following. What makes the Airstreams on this Isle of Wight glamping site so special is that they have been lovingly restored rather than being renovated whilst keeping as many original features as possible. That means that rather than replacing those slightly worn classic chrome curvy handles they keep them. Then there’s the wood panelling and original Formica cupboards. Even the decor is in keeping with the period – right down to the chintzy china and crocheted blankets. This really is a holiday with that genuine retro feel. It’s a bit like a 1950s boutique hotel in an (aluminium) tin all so classic cosy and lovely that you will just adore the ambiance and laid back feel of these Airstreams. Each one is individually decorated meaning that every one has its own character but all have the very vintage vibe to them that makes these holiday rentals on the Isle of Wight so utterly quirky in every way. So apart from chilling out on your classic striped deckchairs and challenging your partner to a game of Monopoly (a wonderful genuine 1960s version of the boardgames that is!) what else is there to do when you’re glamping it up on the Isle of Wight in an Airstream? Well with beaches harbours woodlands and marshes the Isle of Wight has been described as being like €˜the whole of England condensed into one small island’ which sounds pretty perfect to us. Add to all that the likes of the zoo and botanical gardens Osbourne House Carisbrooke House and Cowes with the steam railway and model village too and you’ve got plenty of choice for things to do during your weekend of Airstream glamping all in that delightfully and captivatingly vintage 1950s kind of way of course!

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