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Alpaca Trekking in Kent

Go alpaca trekking in the wetlands of Romney Marsh in Kent! Visit ‘Alpaca Annie’ to meet and learn about her merry troupe of gorgeous alpacas then have the total pleasure of taking one of them out for a walk through the fields of this working arable farm.Putting it simply you will fall in love with these alpacas during your experience. When handled correctly and with understanding an alpaca can actually make a fantastic pet. They’re full of character intelligent affectionate and docile. They’re also very sociable too as they have a strong herd instinct.Having built up her own alpaca herd and realising that we all love alpacas as much as she does Annie created her alpaca trekking experiences which have proved hugely popular. And we have to say the staff are lovely knowledgable and approachable but it really is the alpacas who utterly steal the show. They are just so gorgeous and funny at the same time as you’ll find out when you take them walking.You’ll be partnered up with your very own alpaca for the walk. You’ll find some like to lead others prefer to be in the middle of the pack whilst certain alpaca will only ever tag along behind on the treks. So who will you be walking with? It might be Stupot Jeremy Fisher Allan Bertie Boy Tony or Thomas? We just love that these alpacas all have such human names!And if you’re worried about the trekking bit don’t be it’s more ambling with the Alpacas than a leg-burning trek across tricky terrain in Machu Picchu. The walk goes something like this: walk a bit. stop. graze on some nice juicy grass. walk a bit. stop. graze on some other nice juicy grass and repeat. But our favourite bit of the trek is the half-time break. This is when you can take brilliant selfies with your alpaca and then spoil them with a very special culinary treat€¦carrots. After roaming the fields of the farm you’ll head back to base. Having thanked your new best buddy for the walk there’s still time left on your alpaca trekking experience to visit the baby alpaca enclosure. This is really really cool. Called cria these little alpacas are just too gorgeous.

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