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American Muscle Three Car Blast

Roll up roll up – the American muscle car blast is in town! Book onto this muscle car driving experience and take a trio of the most iconic motors from the US of A for a spin. It’s happening at various circuits around the UK and bookings are now being taken!On the other side of the Atlantic motoring is a wee bit different to here. You’ve got those multi-lane freeways miles and miles of cross county roads and huge expanse of countryside to cover. What you need for cruising in the US is a proper muscle car like a Camaro a Mustang or a Challenger. They’re all hulking gas guzzlers for sure but they definitely get the job done.So can you have as much fun in an American muscle car in the UK? The answer is yes. With the experiences taking place on private tracks and circuits you won’t be getting stuck in traffic jams or having to negotiate road humps that scrape the fairings. Long straights and sweeping corners are what this trio of American muscle cars love and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting.Your triple tipple of Americano comes in the form of the Ford Mustang the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. Compared to European supercars these cars are big muscular and bulky. They might not win a style contest next to an Aston but they’d certainly win the bodybuilding competition.To get these big cars shifting you need a big engine under that hood. Say hello to the 6.4l Challenger the V8 Camaro and the 5l Mustang. All three cars do a nice 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds which is more than acceptable in our book.It also helps that they all look pretty gnarly. The Camaro carries off that Transformers Bumblebee look with aplomb right down to the yellow and black leather interior. And the Mustang is just like rival Barricade. The Challenger has got that pony car retro cool styling down to a fine art.And don’t forget on these American muscle car blasts you will get to drive all three of these muscle cars. Depending on which circuit you choose you’ll be at the wheel for two or three laps in each of these big brave and brash all-American modern muscle cars. Have fun out there guys!

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