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Amphibious Driving Leicestershire

When it comes to Argocat driving you’ll certainly need your wits about you to be able to control this 8×8 vehicle! On this particular model there’s no steering wheel and not even a set of handlebars it’s all about the levers but with a bit of crunching and lot of concentration you should get the knack pretty quickly. This amphibious vehicle is a mind blowing little thing that really packs a punch. When you first catch sight of the Argocat you might be forgiven for thinking something that small can’t possibly be much good when it comes to rough and tumble terrain but believe us the brilliance is in its simplicity. With eight wheels a very basic open cab with seating for two and a ‘bin’ behind that lets up to four perch on the edge for the ride that’s about your lot. The genius comes in the fact that this vehicle is amphibious so you can go driving it pretty much anywhere and it’s small enough to go weaving in and out of trees take on narrow paths or even attempt ground where there is no path at all just rocks tree roots and dirt. Here at this centre in Leicestershire the instructors have plotted designed and built several different trails that all make the most of the natural lay of the land. Being a former quarry there are plenty of challenges to be had and we’re pretty sure you’ll bottle it way before the Argocat does! And if you’ve ever seen one of these plucky amphibious vehicles being driven you may have noticed that none of the wheels move. Which may lead you to ask yourself how the Argocat turns? Well this 8×8 actually uses the skid-steer method which is exactly as it sounds. That’s to say the eight wheels work independently and according to whether the left set or the right set are turning and driving forward you will skid and slide in the opposite direction. If that’s as clear as mud you’ll be able to suss it all out when you’re in the hot seat! This experience lasts around an hour and gives all participants plenty of Argocat driving during which you’ll be able to tackle everything from steep gradients to some scarily deep water troughs (don’t worry you won’t sink the Argocat is amphibious remember?). You may have driven some different vehicles in your time but nothing quite so madcap as this 8×8 skid steering mini monster!

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