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Archery Newcastle

Go shooting and learn archery in Newcastle in the grounds of a gorgeous Edwardian manor house! Yes the setting for your session with the bows arrows paintballs and pellets is truly superb with the turrets and towers of the De Vere Slaley Hall Hotel looking down on you as you have a go at these target-based outdoor sports. We are offering two experiences here in Newcastle. You can go for archery pure and simple or mix it up a bit with our combo experience that offers a trio of shooting missions including archery paintball and air rifling. Whichever you pick the majestic Slaney Hall is an unbeatable location with over 1 000 acres of parkland surrounding the mansion. What’s more the instructors here at wonderful Slaney are more than happy to share their enthusiasm with beginners intermediate shooters and professional marksmen and women alike. All of the archery sessions at this Newcastle site start in the same way; with a safety briefing where you’ll also be given forearm protectors and finger guards if needed. Then it’s out to the practice range where you’ll be shown how to stand correctly how to load and aim your arrow as well as how to complete a smooth release. Don’t worry if you miss the target to begin with €“ archery shooting is unlike any other sport and the techniques and manoeuvres take a little getting used to. By the end of your round though we’d expect you to be firing arrows with confidence if not ease! The bows favoured by modern archers across the UK are recurve and compound bows both of which are suitable for archers of all ages and abilities. The Newcastle team will help you select the best bow size and type for your height weight and build so you can draw back and release without forcing the shot. For those on the combined experience you will then have another two shooting sessions to enjoy. Staring down the barrel of the air rifle to try and topple over the field targets you’ll need all the concentration and calmness you can muster unlike the next activity you’ll be trying – paintball. Yep it’s time to get the overalls and helmet on and get ready to run around like a mad thing and try to take out your opponents with those pesky little balls of paint. Once you’ve got the hang of each discipline these shooting games are really quite addictive and can bring out that competitive instinct in you. These experiences often turn into gripping challenges as new recruits aim to be the hot shot of the day. Why not see if you’ve got that fighting spirit with shoot ’em up sessions that include a morning of archery? Newcastle offers fantastic surroundings and top quality instruction so if you’ve ever wanted to shoot for success this is the place to do it.

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