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Ariel Atom Blast

Get ready to go stratospheric on an Aerial Atom blast! It’s supercharged fun all the way in this unique car. As the maker Ariel says: ‘No roof no doors no compromise’ which pretty much rounds up what the Atom is all about. Time for you to try it. You’ll be blasting off in a race-prepped Ariel Atom which amazingly is also road legal despite the lack of what you might call the usual modern motoring refinements and even some of the basic accessories too. For example the switch for the headlights is verging on comical when you try to go from dipped to full beam and the lights themselves pretty much only serve to illuminate your feet. And if the optional windshield is fitted it’s by no means going to stop the breeze which comes in from the side and the front of Atom. So what makes the supercharged world of the Atom so special? Well until you’ve experienced one for yourself it’s difficult to describe simply because there is no other car out there like it. It’s more like a go-kart for the street than a convertible and even the elementary task of getting in an out of the car can be a bit of a palaver but luckily the removable steering wheel helps! Indeed once ensconced snug as a bug in a rug inside the cockpit you aren’t just a driver of this car you are this car. The driver/car relationship is just so fusional when you’re strapped in low and can see tarmac all around you thanks to that distinctive exoskeletal frame. And the feedback in the Atom is incredible. As you blast around the track you will feel every bump every camber every tiny morsel of gravel you roll over in this Aerial’s iconic car. And as the company continues to produce lighter and faster versions of this little trooper life as a supercharged Atom just gets better and better. We are offering Ariel Atom blasts at a range of race tracks around the UK and our teeny racer is dying to meet you. Isn’t it time you clambered in somewhat unceremoniously pressed the start button and hit the tarmac in this torque-loving road and track beast?

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