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Ariel Atom Hertfordshire

Go on treat yourself or someone you love to an Ariel Atom drive. It really is quite intense. In fact we challenge you to stay cool calm and collected whilst you’re in the driving hot seat of this incredible road legal racer that accelerates so fast that by the time you read this sentence you’ve already done 0-60mph! This Atom track day in Hertfordshire gives you a thrilling couple of hours surrounded by brilliant cars at this challenging former airfield circuit. Before you are let loose in this great little car you get to see what the track’s like on a set of four instructor-driven sighting laps. Then with those laps under your (cam)belt in Hertfordshire it’s time to climb aboard the awesome Atom and get ready to feel the power as you take your place in the driver’s seat for the next part of your experience. Actually don’t bother opening the door to get in the Atom because there isn’t one. There’s no need to clean the flies off the windscreen because there isn’t one. And you can forget bringing a bag there’s no space for that. This is grass roots motoring brought right back into the 21st century. The ultra-lightweight Atom you will be at the helm of has been fitted with a Civic Type R engine that actually has the audacity to be supercharged too so you might be ‘hanging on to your hat’ as they say. Then there are the uprated Alcon brakes and the special sticky rubber tyres – all meant to keep you firmly on the tarmac despite the raw power throughout your driving laps in the Ariel Atom. One of the centre’s leading driving instructors will be sitting beside you in the cockpit (we say cockpit as it is so unlike any other car we’ve ever been in and very open) throughout your drive. You will enjoy 10 amazing laps in this superlative little car as you whizz around this Hertfordshire venue in your Ariel Atom 300. Plenty of time to get the hang of the track etiquette and post your personal best lap time then!

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