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Ariel Atom Thrill with Hotlap

What could be better than cruising the road in a sports car – hitting the fast straights on an Ariel Atom track day that’s what! The standard version of this car is perfectly road legal but the little monster comes totally into its own out on the circuit. Do you have what it takes to tame the Ariel Atom? Motoring journalists and pundits can wax lyrical about the prowess of the Ariel Atom on the track all day long but we’d just like to point out some pitfalls of the car. It’s no good in bad weather as there’s no roof. There’s no room for any bags so forget even bringing back a takeaway in this car. There’s not even a stereo mind you hearing anything over the sound of the engine that’s just behind your right shoulder is impossible anyway. But hey the noise of the car is all the music to your ears that you’ll need and this isn’t a vehicle for pottering around town in (unless you want to just show it off). Get this Aerial Atom out on the circuit and you will instantly know what this car is all about and why the aficionados absolutely love it. It might the most ‘barely there’ vehicle going with its exoskeletal body but you can’t miss the Atom on the track and you could spend all day watching it. But you’re not here just to admire it from the sidelines you’re here to drive the thing! You have the chance to leap straight into the driver’s seat (complete with four point racing harness) and go driving for four delectable laps at your choice from seven circuits offered around the country. In total that’s around six miles of driving per person on these experience days. This is where the bodiless form of Ariel’s Atom comes into it’s own to become the purest rawest form of fun on tarmac ever. So grab that 300mm race suede steering wheel drop the hydraulic clutch slip it into gear on the close-ratio box and boot it out of the pits. It’s almost like this team of clever automotive engineers has re-invented the wheel and made it lighter faster and more fun than ever. In this case A is for awesome amazing and Ariel Atom all wrapped in one very very speedy package. With your foot firmly to the floor (there are no carpets after all!) we are sure you will be utterly seduced by this incredible car on your Ariel Atom track day then as a finale one of the pro drivers will take you our in a performance saloon on the circuit for a lap with you as the passenger.

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