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Ariel Atom Track Experience

Get geared up to go ballistic with the brake horsepower on this Ariel Atom track experience! Just looking at this car will get your pulse racing. The Ariel Atom 2 car you’ll be driving is fast. Very fast. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to tame the Atom over the course of three or six laps.Indeed this is one wild car. Yes you can cruise on the public roads fairly easily but let’s face it both you and the Atom will be itching to get out on the track. Experience that awesome acceleration the verging-on-ridiculous cornering and that sheer straight-line speed. And all whilst pulling that infamous Jeremy Clarkson €˜I am an alien’ face as the wind buffets you!Before you even hit the track just sitting in the open cockpit of the Ariel Atom is quite an experience in itself. That enormous snorkel and air intake is right behind your head as is that spoiler of whale-tail proportions. In complete contrast the door mirrors are teeny and the mud guards? Well we don’t think they’d keep much spray off you in the rain. What we love most about this experience is the fact that the voucher is valid for various track venues around the country. There are some cracking locations on the list with everything from MSA accredited tracks to venues that are not normally open to the public. Add in to that the fact that you’ll be in an Atom and we think it’s a combination that’s hard to resist.The Ariel Atom 2 is most at home on the circuit so this is the best possible environment for you to test its amazing capabilities away from pesky traffic lights speed limits and the like. The flip side of the coin is that you’ll need to think about track craft so that you can carve out that smooth racing line to get anywhere near the lap times this motoring jewel is capable of. A driver briefing before your drive will get you on the right track and there’ll be an experienced instructor alongside you in the Atom to give in-car tuition as you roll. All that remains for you to do is rip it up on your Ariel Atom track experience!

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