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Autogyro Hampshire

Go for some autogyro-ing adventures with an autogyro experience flight from Intotheblue.co.uk! Let’s face it these gyros are funny looking things and they may look at little basic but they are rugged reliable and are great fun to fly giving you that ‘at one with nature’ feel whilst you’re airborne.Your autogyro flight takes off from Popham Airfield near Basingstoke. This is a privately-owned strip that is home to a thriving and friendly community of sport flyers with over 100 aircraft based here. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more dedicated and affable crew and as soon as you walk into the club you’ll be made to feel very welcome by all the team.You can also expect top-notch instruction on your experience as this school doesn’t just offer autogyro flights it’s a certified training school for those who have properly got the autogyro bug and want to get their private pilot’s licence to fly solo in an autogyro. In fact chief instructor and examiner Steve Boxall has so many years of autogyroing experience under his belt you wouldn’t believe he’s old enough to have been flying that many years!So you’ve got the perfect place to fly a tip-top ground team an enthusiastic pilot instructor all you need now is the autogyro. This club operates the Magri 16 model powered with a Rotax 914 turbocharged engine and an excellent trainer gyro. This has an open cockpits so you’ll be kitted out in a flying suit helmet gloves and intercom headset for your flight.Unique amongst our autogyro flight operators here at Popham you can also choose to take to the skies in a new generation enclosed cockpit gyroplane. This fully approved factory-built Magri 24 Orion boasts side by side seating (usually autogyros are tandem) and even has in-cabin heating so you will be nice and cosy whatever the weather outside and there’s no need for the full flying suit just a communications headset.So whether you want to go classic with an open autogyro that could be described as a ‘motorbike of the skies’ or prefer the covered cockpit version flying an autogyro from Popham airfield is a thrilling aerial experience that gives you the chance to take the controls if you fancy or you can just sit back and do some sightseeing as all autogyro experiences are geared to what you’d like to do.

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