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Be a Celebrity TV Chef

Take part in this fun celebrity chef TV experience and star in your own cookery show! Just like the famous chefs you see on television presenting cookery programmes this is your chance to shine in front of the camera whilst you cook.This cookery show experience is hosted by Ann Hood. She knows just what it’s like to cook on TV as she took part in Masterchef. She’ll be on hand to help advise and motivate as you prepare yourself for being filmed whilst you cook. Ann’s a dab hand with dealing with the pressures that come with cooking on the telly.  The cameras capture every moment including the highs and the lows. From the glory of your glowing ganache that really get the judges going to that heart-sinking moment when you realise your pie filling has bubbled over and burnt when you take it out of the oven.Of course the famous chefs TV simply shout €˜cut!’ and re-do that scene where their souffle collapsed but if it’s Masterchef auditions you don’t get that luxury. It’s reality cooking TV at its finest! And indeed if you book the exclusive group cookery show experience the day is run like an episode of Masterchef with you all competing in parallel cooking challenges. If you go for the solo voucher you will be grouped with up to four other participants to record your own cookery show. Will you be able to magic up a tasty dish using just the ingredients laid out on the table? Can you follow a recipe to re-create a classic masterpiece? These could be the sort of culinary challenges you could be facing during your cookery show appearance.The show will be filmed in the school’s professional kitchens near Danbury in Essex which boasts a permanent studio-style set up making it ideal for filming. Just like the well-known chefs on TV you’ll get the chance to present your dishes to camera before heading off to the €˜green room’ dining area to taste what you’ve made over a glass of wine with your fellow TV chefs in training.Everyone on these fun celebrity chef experiences will be presented with a professionally edited DVD of their cookery show so you can watch back the day you appeared on TV cooking like a famous celeb chef!

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