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Big Toys Driving Experience

The Big Toys experience in West Sussex – it’s going to be pretty wild! For many childhood days are halcyon days – especially when they involved playing outside getting a bit muddy and having fun with those play trucks. Well here’s your chance to re-create those days for real at this off-road centre near East Grinstead in West Sussex  with three different big toys for big girls and boys to drive. Let’s start this big boys’ toys session with a taste of the €˜high life’ European-style. Black Ice is the Brit monster truck based on a Toyota HiLux but a lot lot bigger. You’ll be charged with getting to grips with the handling as you take on the challenge track that invariably has even the biggest girls and boys wondering if they’ll be able to conquer it! Then it’s time to take a trip over the pond to the US of A to meet the giant-sized truck. You will find yourself clambering aboard this ridiculously high truck that is a full 12ft tall. Fully customised with 6ft tyres and American pick up bodystyling you’ll even find a suitably monstrous 7500cc Chevvy engine under the bonnet. The absolute highlight of this session is driving OVER two unsuspecting ‘parked’ cars in several tonnes of monster vehicle. As if all that driving in the big stuff wasn’t enough to satiate the appetite of off-road hungry boys and girls there’s one more driving session lined up for you. You will round the day off with a session around the circuit in the 400cc rally karts. Get used to being back just a few centimetres above the ground (rather than several feet!) and expect to be slipping and a sliding all over the place in these nippy little numbers. With one small and two magnificent big toys this experience goes even bigger on exhilaration. We think you’ll love driving both the US and Euro-spec trucks all rounded off with a whizz in the karts. You get 10 minutes in each of the trio of vehicles so think big go big and enjoy these fab toys boys and girls! 

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