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Biggin Hill Flights

You’ll be surrounded by aviation history on these Biggin Hill flying lessons! This long-established club at Kent’s Biggin Hill Airport has been flying since 1947 and is by far the oldest school on site to offer lessons to budding pilots.  Biggin Hill is one of the most renowned airports in the world for learning to fly and of course boasts a proud heritage as the front line Battle of Britain RAF station during the Second World War. Known these days for being an active commercial airfield at the gateway to London (being just 12 miles south of the capital) Biggin on a hill looking over the Kentish Downs is a superb choice for anyone who wants lessons in the art of flying. The school we use has been passed from father to son and the atmosphere is very much one of professionalism with a friendly face. There are three resident flying instructors available for lessons and one CAA examiner who work full time here at their Biggin Hill base with the operations desk open all day every day for booking flights and lessons. So what can you expect when you take a flying lesson at Biggin Hill? The first thing you’ll notice is just how massively long the tarmac runway is! This is because Biggin is capable of welcoming larger commercial airliners and indeed with a lot of corporate and business jet traffic just taxiing to the runway holding point is sight to behold for aviation fans as you pass all the resident and visiting planes lined up. Once your instructor has taken care of the take off and usually about 10 minutes into the flight the lesson proper can begin. And this isn’t just a ‘have a go’ session at Biggin Hill you will be following exercise number three in the pilot syllabus which is a lesson in flying ‘straight and level’.  This is the highlight of the flight and as even seasoned flying veterans will tell you you never forget the first time you ‘took control’. With a wealth of local knowledge and experience you can also be sure of a warm welcome from the friendly team for these Biggin Hill flying lessons. Whether you just want a taster of what’s like to get airborne at this airport that’s steeped in history or are making your first flying steps towards going for the licence lessons at this Biggin Hill school are fun informative and with great views on London thrown in too!As with all flight operators our Biggin Hill flying lessons are subject to height and weight restrictions. For the four seater aircraft the limits are 16 stone and 6ft 3€.

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