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Biplane Flights Nationwide

Take an aerial trip back in time onboard these biplanes! Enjoy biplane flights in beautifully restored vintage aircraft such as Tiger Moths at your choice of location throughout the UK. Nothing beats the thrill of open cockpit aviation and this is our most flexible voucher valid at various aerodromes around the country.Your flight experience begins with a welcome and safety briefing from your pilot. You will then be helped up into the cockpit and strapped in to the very snug interior of the biplane ready for your flight. Then comes the almost theatrical performance of €˜swinging the prop’ – all necessary to get these marvellous old boys started and ready for take off. €˜Switches off fuel on throttle closed suck in’ followed by €˜contact’. Then with an almighty heave on the prop  the biplane’s engine will burst into life ready to take flight.Even taxiing in biplanes like the Stampe Stearman or Tiger Moth is an art form as the pilot weaves to and fro craning their neck over the side of the fuselage looking past the propellor to see where you are going. It’s hard to explain the exhilaration of take-off in biplanes like this as it shudders and purrs eager to get airborne as you bump along the grass runway.Once airborne you’ll find that despite that open cockpit the windscreen does a very good job of keeping the breeze to a minimum. By the time you’re in level flight you will have got used to the biplane’s engine noise which fades to a loud but comfortable rumble as you cruise the skies of your chosen airfield in classic vintage style.Your pilot will demonstrate a few gentle turns before letting you take control of this wonderful biplane aircraft for yourself. Taking the flight controls you’ll soon discover only the lightest touch is needed to keep the wings straight and level or maintain height through a turn. Just imagine all those young and eager RAF recruits training in these much-loved biplanes in the 30s and 40s!We have to say any signs of enthusiasm during these biplane flights will be more than likely met with the offer to demonstrate more exciting manoeuvres. We’re even talking a loop if the aircraft is cleared for aerobatics making for a rather adrenaline-pumping finale to your first biplane aviation experience! 

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