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Birds of Prey Experience

Make some new feathered friends with our Bird of Prey experiences nationwide! Valid at a range of UK locations our vouchers provide the opportunity to get up close to these marvellous raptors and watch them fly across the open skies before returning to perch regally on your gloved hand. IntotheBlue offers half and full-day sessions with these spectacular birds of prey and it’s an experience not to be missed. Not only will your course cover the key facts and information about the birds you’ll be meeting covering everything from their natural habitat and hunting technique to breeding and diet you’ll also be given the opportunity to watch them hunt and fly to the glove as well as be shown how to handle these stunning creatures. Locations vary in their selection of birds on offer but you can be fairly sure of meeting a selection of falcons hawks and owls and maybe even an eagle or two! Most of these experiences take place in a small group giving you plenty of time to get to know the different birds of prey at your chosen centre. For the half-day activities you’ll listen to an expert bird handler discuss the history of the various birds of prey found around the world as well as more detailed information about the specific birds at the site. You’ll also be able to spend quality time handling the birds as well as donning the thick leather glove in preparation for the thrill of having these beautiful flyers perched on your fist. With their razor-sharp claws and proud beaks this is an unmissable photo opportunity so don’t forget your camera! Full-day courses give you additional time with the birds of prey working with experienced bird handlers. Many centres also offer the opportunity for a €˜hawk walk’ which is a relaxing stroll out in the local countryside with one or more of the birds watching them hunt and fly in a more natural way. This is a fantastic place to snap some really great bird-of-prey shots as they glide gracefully through the branches and canopy their keen eyes fixed on the ground in search of food. For your own sustenance many falconry sites provide a lunch as part of your activity bundle meaning you’re well refuelled for your afternoon session with the birds. Whatever experience you choose for your bird of prey day you’ll marvel at the close relationship these expert handlers have with their birds and get to see just how efficiently they work together as a team to be highly successful hunters and flyers. Watching these epic birds you can understand why hawking was traditionally the sport of kings and we think the lucky participant will certainly feel like raptor royalty on these fabulous full and half-day avian adventures. Our bird of prey vouchers offer total flexibility making them a great gift for bird enthusiasts and anyone with a passion for predators. If you’ve got a specific venue in mind please visit our main falconry section for a great choice of falconry and birds of prey experiences or for something different IntotheBlue offers a wide selection of interesting gift ideas on our main gifts page.

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