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Birds of Prey Peterborough

It’s the best of the east when you try falconry in Peterborough! These two-hour sessions give you a great introduction to the sport of falconry with plenty of opportunity to meet handle and fly lots of different species of birds.Charlotte and her dedicated team put on falconry shows and displays that wow hundreds and hundreds of spectators every year. These small group experiences allow you to get up close to these magnificent creatures in the wonderful setting of the Orton Hall hotel a spectacular country hotel set in a 20-acre woodland estate just east of Peterborough.As you might expect the birds are very much part of the family. Each one is lovingly cared for and every bird taking part in experience days or displays loves to show off their skills. They do all have their very own character and it’s fascinating to see how the relationship between falconer and raptor works.Ruby the Tawny Owl is friendly and responsive and you’ll instantly recognise her €˜twit-twoo’ sound. Blue the Chilean Blue Buzzard Eagle is a true star in the arena and loves a crowd. Jerry the Kestrel has amazing hunting capabilities including a very special talent (we won’t tell you what it is here!). Havana the Siberian Eagle Owl is a true beauty and very photogenic but also a formidable hunter. And who could forget Cardhu the very rare female Eastern Chanting Goshawk. She’s acrobatic and very vocal too hence her name!Whichever humans and feathered members at this Peterborough falconry centre you get to meet you’re sure to learn a lot and all in a fun and informative way. It’s all very hands on too so you will be donning your falconer’s glove and calling raptors to your hand in a fine display of flying prowess. There’s no need to decide now whether you prefer an owl or a birds of prey experience – buy your voucher and decide when you book in!

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