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Blacksmith Course Essex

Get forging on this blacksmith experience in Essex! Just outside Chelmsford you’ll find a smithy on a farm estate. This is where the metal-bending magic takes place under the watchful eye of expert smith Tom. Working with steel and wrought iron for many years he’s a great teacher for budding blacksmiths.Numbers are limited to just two on these blacksmith courses in Essex so you get maximise hands-on time access to the traditional tools of the trade and lots of individual attention from your host. The aim of the day is for you to learn some of basic blacksmithing skills and actually make a couple of items that you’ll be able to take home with you.As you’ll soon discover there’s always a lot going on in a working smithy like this one in Essex. As well as preparing the raw materials (the metal) and the tools you’ll need your heat source. One of the duties you’ll be tackling is tending the fire to make sure it’s kept stoked and ready to heat the metal to red hot.And when your length of metal is bright red and glowing it’s time to try out one of the most important blacksmith processes – drawing. This is basically making your hot metal piece longer and thinner by working and pinching it whilst it’s hot. It’s a bit like when you squeeze modelling clay between your fingers and it spills forward. You hit the hot part of the metal with your hammer and the malleable metal stretches and flattens. It’s fascinating stuff on these blacksmith experiences!A few hours of shaping bending pinching and upsetting (the opposite to drawing) the metal and hopefully you’ll have fashioned your very own S-shaped hook and fire poker. It’s pretty physical stuff being a blacksmith for the day so this Essex experience includes a break for a spot of lunch so you can refuel before getting back to the hot metal.Learning from a highly experienced blacksmith on this experience in Essex means you will appreciate just how intricate blacksmithing work is. It’s a real skill to not underwork or underheat the metal as much as it is to not overwork or overheat it either. So hammer anvils and tongs at the ready it’s time to work that metal into shape!

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