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Blend your own Bespoke Gin

Get mixing those botanicals on this gin blending experience! As the gang at Dr Hardwicke’s Gin Emporium says: €˜It’s been a long and winding road to redemption from the gin craze of the 18th century’ and now bespoke serve gin is all the rage. This experience gives you the chance to concoct your very own bespoke gin and take it home with you!Dr Hardwicke’s Gin Emporium has been designed in a 1920s Art Deco style as part of the renowned Sadler’s Tap House at the Windsor Castle Inn in Lye in Stourbridge which is owned and run by fifth generation brewers. As well as producing fine ales this lot love a glass of gin which is why this bar dedicated to gin has been created. It’s also where your gin blending experience takes place.And your time at gin school starts as it means to go on with a nice G&T over introductions. As you go on to hear about gin how it’s made and what you’ll be doing over the course of your session a classic gin cocktail will be being freshly prepared for you. As you sip away it’s your turn to procrastinate cogitate and ponder over which botanicals you’d like to use in your bespoke gin blend.So many flavours and aromas to choose from it’s going to be a tricky task but your ginstructor (lovin’ the name!) will be on hand to assist so there’s no chance of your coming up with gin that’s undrinkable (perish the thought!). Once you’ve decided on your personal recipe it’ll be written down and stored so that you can re-order your bespoke blend whenever you like.In the meantime the gin mixologists will be off working their magic behind the scenes to produce the blend you created. And whilst that’s all happening it’d be rude not to amuse yourselves with yet another gin cocktail to help while away the wait in a gin emporium in the best possible way.When it’s ready your 70cl bottle of gin will be presented to you along with a 50ml of Dr Hardwicke’s delectable Hop Gin to take home with you. And if you want to make a full day or even a weekend out of your gin blending experience The Windsor Castle offers rooms and as well as serving it’s own superb craft ales and those gins also serves delicious food too.

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