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Blue Skies Helicopter Tours

North South East West this is heli tourism throughout the UK! These Blue Skies helicopter tours give you the chance to ride in a chopper and see the amazing sights all around you. With helipads airports and airfields all over the country signing up to offer these mini heli flights isn’t it time you booked your seat? We’re guessing that most of you going on these tours will have never flown in a helicopter before which is why the very fact that you are going in one is just as exciting if not more so than the thought of what you’ll actually be able to see during your trip. We defy even the most seasoned traveller not to feel just a little bit nervous as the rotor blades start up. Admittedly once airborne and in forward flight across those inviting blue skies being in a chopper feels pretty much like being in a small plane but the take offs and landing are really quite a thrill as these agile machines just literally lift off the ground and drop down gently again to land. Once you’ve got over the initial excitement of actually being in a helicopter it’s down to the business of sightseeing – after all that’s what helicopter tourism is all about! And of course we’re not talking your average way of seeing the sights this is looking down on them all from your helicopter. What’s more you can see much more from a heli than your usual teeny airliner window so expect to spot all those familiar places and landmarks as you go. And if you’re having trouble adapting to your new viewpoint worry not your pilot will be pointing them out to you. As helicopters (even the posh ones) are quite noisy each passenger will be given a headset to wear. Not only does this protect you from the noise it also serves as an intercom so you’ll be able to hear what your pilot is saying to you as you fly. We have to say with heli tourism getting increasingly popular we’re delighted to be able to offer these short sweet and very affordable sightseeing trips from venues all around the UK. Here’s to blue skies and happy passengers!

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