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BMW i8 Drive with Hotlap

Fancy driving the i8? This is BMW’s fancy pants electric sports car and it’s coming to a race track near you! These experiences at a selection of race circuits around the country give you the chance to feel all that electric power under your feet.You know how concept cars usually bear no resemblance to the actual production car? In this case the BMW i8 coupe is as delightfully futuristic looking in the flesh as it was back in 2008 when the idea of a plug-in hybrid high performance BMW was first introduced to the world.Back then you’d have probably said: “It looks great but it’ll never catch on”. And now look at us. From plug-in city cars to Formula E racing electrified motoring is everywhere. The i8 neatly shows us that eco-responsible doesn’t mean boring as you’ll find out when you get to take the impressive i8 for a spin.Funky butterfly doors open to reveal a typically neat precise and gadget-filled cockpit. This car certainly has style leaning on the sporty heritage of BMW. Slide into that low-slung racing-inspired seat and listen carefully to the in-car briefing from your instructor sitting beside you in the passenger seat.When you’re ready it’s your moment. Just remember being electric the acceleration on this car is nifty to say the least. No turbo lag no waiting for the injection of fuel. Foot down on the accelerator and you’re off big time!We think you’ll agree the i8 is a true delight to drive. Lively sharp handling and undeniably quick it really does feel like the sports car of the future right here for real right now. And in case you’re wondering yes it does lack the throaty roar of a V8 engine but those Bavarian boffins even came up with a clever solution for that too€¦ Book a session in a BMW i8 coupe and find out for yourself what all the fuss over this electric sports car from BMW is about then round it all off with a hotlap in a high performance saloon. Perfect for (hybrid) petrol-heads everywhere!

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