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BMW Mini First Drive Lesson 10+

Learn the basics of motoring on a BMW Mini first drive! These sessions operate from several different driving circuits around the country and offer kids from the age of 10 years the chance to get behind the wheel early to get a head start in driving. We are offering 30 and 60 minute junior Mini driving lessons for your little ones. Youngsters will get to sit in the driver’s seat start the engine move off and drive. Then there’s cornering braking and changing gear skills to master too not forgetting the all important part – how to stop the car safely! The kids will also get the chance to try reversing in their Mini. And if you remember the first time you tried that on a driving lesson you’ll recall it’s not easy.All this takes place in the very safe and controlled environment of a motoring circuit. You might think airfield tracks and race circuits with all those high performance cars whizzing about would be the last place to take a child on their first drive in a little Mini but actually it’s ideal. These junior sessions are scheduled apart and mostly use a separate area. There’s no other traffic no traffic lights junctions or anything else to distract the mini drivers.And we should mention the cars your children will be driving. The BMW Mini is a proper funky little motor that kids will love to boast was their €˜first car’. This driving operator has a rather nifty fleet of Minis including the Mini ONE the Mini Cooper S and even convertibles. So if the sun’s shining it’s top down first driving fun in the open top Mini. Very cool.Of course there will be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in the car at all times and every Mini used is actually dual-control so the safety aspect is very much there. All kids taking part need to be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst on site and spectators can watch the action from the adjacent viewing areas.The BMW Mini first drive school will be coming to a track near you soon. We’ve got a clutch of former airfield circuits and actual motor racing tracks offering these experiences from Edinburgh and Llandow to North Weald just outside the M25. Book your youngster in and watch them with pride as they zoom off in their Mini.

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