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Boeing 737 Simulator Barnsley

On a quiet residential street you’ll find this epic 737 flight simulator! Barnsley now has its very own simulated flight facility thanks to one very skilled and passionate aviation fan called David.This Boeing 737-800NG simulator is the fruit of many many hours of labour for David Naylor. Having been made redundant he decided to turn his childhood dream into reality by building his own simulator. Constructed using a genuine Boeing 737 cockpit the result is pretty amazing.The simulator might not actually move but with control loading and flight feel you’ll totally feel that moment of reverse thrust and every bump on the tarmac. Even handling a steep turn in the air will instinctively have you leaning to one side!It’s realistic because so much of this sim is real. The throttle quadrant the speedbrake the reverse thrust levers and the flaps area all original and working. The Primary and Navigational Flight Displays all work too as does the MCP (the autopilot). And before your simulated take off you’ll enter your flight path details into the Flight Management Computer just as an actual Boeing 737 Captain would.David has painstakingly downloaded an impressive 20 000 flight routes and airports so you really can fly anywhere in the world. What’s more the visuals are of an exceptional standard. We’re talking 220-degree enhanced 4k graphics surround sound and a level of detail that is mind-boggling. Imagine flying over London and seeing Big Ben below you or approaching into Heathrow with the stream of cars and trucks on the M25 clearly visible. It’s impressive stuff.As for you the budding pilot the general consensus after spending a bit of time in this sim is that it’s (and we quote) €˜a lot harder than it looks’. Despite having autopilot it takes skill and concentration to get these big old tin cans in the sky landed safely. Add in the odd thunder storm fog bird strike or engine stall and you’ve upped the stakes even more but for a Boeing driver it’s just another day in their office at 30 000ft.With one to one tuition from Dave you’re sure to make the most of your time in that coveted Captain’s seat. Book your slot in this 737 Boeing flight simulator near Barnsley and see if you’ve got what it takes to pilot that big commercial jet.

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