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Boeing Stearman in Kent

For a biplane experience with an American feel we can highly recommend a Stearman flight in Kent! This open cockpit biplane by Boeing is a proper throwback to the heady days of aviation when young pilots were learning the art of flying just before during and after the second world war broke out. We are offering 30 or 60 minute fights in this wonderful Stearman out of Pent Farm in Kent. This is a charming private airstrip that occupies a very secluded spot in the midst of the Kentish Downs – ideal for your first flying experience in a biplane. Tucked away in the village of Postling you’d be forgiven for thinking only sheep roam these fields but look more closely and you’ll see a nice little collection of modern light aircraft and vintage old boys like this Stearman enjoying the the quietness of this green and very pleasant Pent Farm. Just imagine the thrill of not only taking off in an old school biplane but also experiencing those incredible views during your flight. As you get airborne look down at the patchwork of fields below as you head out towards the sea around Folkestone or head in land to the towns and villages of this most picturesque part of the Garden of England. And what a plane to experience those great views in! This Stearman first flew in 1942 when she was used by the US Navy. By 1957 she was in civilian hands before being refurbished as a crop duster in the 1970s. Following retirement from working duties N4467N got shipped to the UK in 1991 and became G-BTFG. She now enjoys a renewed career offering tail wheel training to pilots and trial flights for aviation fans wanting to experience flying in a biplane. As for the team that operates and runs this flying school all the instructor pilots are highly qualified. All hold commercial licences and amongst them are biz jet pilots so you can be rest assured you’ll be in very skilled and safe hands for your biplane experience – even if it is as removed from a modern Boeing airliner as you could imagine! Your Stearman flight out of Kent’s Pent Farm will last 30 or 60 minutes. As well as your flight time you will have an on the ground briefing and safety session including a walk around the aircraft. As this is a tandem plane you will be sitting up front with the pilot behind for this biplane experience. As well as enjoying the views you will be given the chance to have a title fly by yourself of this historic plane.

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