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British Motor Museum Classic Car Tour

A British Motor Museum visit and classic car tour all rolled into one! We are offering half and full-day experiences where you get to drive some rather fine classic cars and tour the amazing British Motor Museum in Gaydon too.These experiences are organised as road trips with a stop off at the British Motor Museum. Both the half day and full day tours set off from the operator’s base at Redditch where there’s a fine fleet of fully restored classic cars.Each car is waxed and polished ready to roll with a tank of fuel and a SatNav preloaded with your itinerary. Support staff will be tracking you on the route to assist if you need them and to organise the car changeovers mid-route. In essence you’ll drive a number of cars stopping to swap over after around 30-45 minutes of drive time.The route from Redditch to Gaydon has been specifically planned to take you through some of the loveliest parts of Warwickshire. This whole county is a bit of a hidden gem with lovely market towns a great industrial heritage and pretty countryside criss-crossed by canals.The highlight of this classic car tour has to be the visit to the British Motor Museum. Housed within the JLR campus at Gaydon it boasts the world’s largest collection of historic British cars. There are over 300 exhibits including the very first Land Rover Delboy’s Reliant Robin and of course lots of classic Jaguars with Minis and many more too.You’ll all have plenty of time to reminisce about all those great cars you used to drive whilst you tour the museum. But don’t get too wistful after your visit it’s back out to the line of waiting classic cars to drive back to Redditch!If you book the half day experience you’ll drive a shorter route to the museum have a look around and then drive back to base. You will drive three different cars in total. On the full day you’ll be driving five cars with a longer route to and from the museum.  Don’t forget to book a passenger voucher if you want a friend or family member to accompany in the passenger seat if not you will be paired up with another driver.

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