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Camaro Thrill

This is not an ordinary Chevrolet Camaro drive. This is a high-end high-performance version of the Fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro and you are going to be taking it for a spin around the track! You don’t see many of them in the UK perhaps because these cars are big and have a very thirsty 6.2l V8 engine but you don’t need to worry about fuel economy on these experiences as it’s not you who’ll be filling up! It might be a bit of a gas-guzzler but just look at it. Chevrolet certainly made sure this version of the Camaro would turn heads. And behind all that big and bold styling you’ve got a carbon fibre bonnet upgraded shocks and springs big brakes and 20″ wheels. Busting out 580bhp and doing the old 0-60mph in just under four seconds it’s little wonder this beast won World Car Design of the Year in 2010. Gearing up to drive this Camaro you’ll be given a driver’s briefing and then it’s time to meet your pro instructor who’ll be sitting beside you in the front passenger seat. And they have quite a team onboard including ex Police instructors karting champs Formula Ford winners and even ex F1 drivers. Despite the size of this motor (far bulkier and heavier than UK-designed super and sports cars) and the fairly poor driver’s view (that bonnet is long and the rear window slopes down and it’s tiny) it is actually pretty easy to drive. In fact if you want to drive a Camaro like this all you have to do is buy your voucher choose which of the circuits you’d like to go to book in with the supplier and then turn up to the track on the right day. Simple. All the servicing polishing and fine tuning has been done in the workshop so by the time you get there the Camaro will be ready waiting and more than just a little bit willing to go for an adrenaline pumping spin around the track. Our Chevrolet Camaro drives are available at three different circuits around the UK and you can choose from a weekday or anytime voucher for three or six miles. Isn’t it about time you took on the Chevvy to see what the impressive Camaro can do when you’re behind that (flat bottomed) racing steering wheel?

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