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Cessna Flight Simulator

Try a virtual Cessna 172 flight simulator at a very real airport! These flight sim experiences take place at a flight training school at Manchester’s city airport so you’ll be surrounded by all things aviation as you take to your virtual cockpit in your virtual skies.City Airport Manchester Barton Aerodrome or Manchester Barton – it doesn’t matter by which name you know this airfield west of Eccles as the essential is that it’s a bustling place full of flying fans. From students keen to get their first solo flight under their belts to experienced airline pilots wanting to change type there’s always something going on here. These simulator sessions take place in the special pilot training centre at this Barton-based flight school.The simulator itself is based on a fixed-based Cessna 172. It was purpose-built by Virtual Aerospace the UK’s largest simulated flight company and offers a very realistic insight into flying one of these four seater touring aircraft. The 172 is pretty much a seminal plane from Cessna with the basic high-wing single engine design remaining unchanged for many years. In fact the 172 still holds the endurance flying record.And whilst there won’t be any exhausting marathon performances we are offering 30 and 60 minute sessions in the Cessna sim here at Manchester City. In both cases it’ll give you enough time to get a proper feel of what piloting a 172 is like. And of course because it’s simulated flying it means you are going to be handling take off and a landing yourself. If you go for a real flying lesson this is always performed by your instructor pilot.Talking of pilots you won’t be alone up there in there hot seat. All simulator sessions are accompanied by one of the very real highly experienced and friendly instructors who teach flying at this Manchester school. Just as they would on an actual lesson they’ll talk you through the controls explain how your experience will unfold and what to expect when you get airborne.Then it’s over to you. Get ready to take this Cessna 172 flight simulator into the €˜air’. It’s going to be all the thrills and excitement of flying but without actually having to leave the training room of this renowned Manchester pilot school. It’s a great start to flying and who knows may lead to doing the real thing?

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